14 - 16 SEPTEMBER 2018


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Transportation in bali comes in many ways, there are a couple of option from bike, scooter, car or using a taxi. These are the most popular way of transport while you’re enjoying your stay in Petitenget


Taxi are one of the most reliable transportation service in Bali due to the convinience and wide availibility. From hailing on the street or asked your hotel receptionist, a taxi service are always reliable. Most of the driver that operating around Petitenget will be english speaking driver, so it would be a breeze to get to your destination. Please remember to bring small change because most of the driver would not be able to give you change or you consider it to be a tip.

Useful Taxi Numbers:

Blue Bird Taxi, +62 (0)361 701 111

Ngurah Rai Taxi (Airport cooperative), +62 (0)361 724 724

Komotra Taxi, +62 (0)361 249 249

Wahana Taxi, +62 (0)361 244 555

Kowinu Bali Taxi, +62 (0)361 773 030


The most versatile option for getting around in Bali. Scooter is the most favorite mode of transportation as it is very cheap and easy to use. As the street are very busy, as scooter can swoop in the middle of a traffic as long there are empty lane available. To get a scooter is very easy, as you need either international license or a local license which you can get at the local police station. The scooter rental also will ask of your contact detail, and either your passport or a photocopy of it. It is different policy with each scooter rental. Don’t forget to use your helmet and abide the local law,


A great transportation method if you’re in a group and planned on a more further destination. Renting a car is very viable but we recommend with a driver because a driver will know the fastest route to all your sightseeing destination. A driver also can wait for you in the car while watching all your belonging and you can relax on your sightseeing destination, without having to worry of exhaustion after a long day hike.